Spain: Home of Exotic Places

Published: 17th August 2010
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Why? Because the most attractive locations in Spain look like they have been carved down by godly hands, leaving you in a deep awe with a sudden hunger of wanting to see more. Everything related to this place is of an astonishing beauty; ancient sites, never ending golden sandy beaches, forsaken palaces, art museums and big royal squares. Is this enough to make you raise an eyebrow? Well if it is, just wait till you hear about the locals!

The People of Spain

Spanish inhabitants are very friendly people who can be very kind to visitors. If you have some Spanish skills or you are able to talk in Catalan, then you will be regarded as a very interested person in Spanish culture and be very appreciated by the locals. You will be treated as one of their own and taste every aspect of the Spanish culture. But do not feel left out if you do not have any language skills! All it takes to win the locals’ sympathy is just showing respect and appreciation, the basic things any of us need to happily interact with one another in a pleasant, friendly way.

Sights to be visited

Spain has so many places you would want to see that it will be very hard for you to decide which to choose first! It all comes down to your personal preferences which one will stand on top of your list.

If you are very much into football, then the Camp Nou stadium is a must! This is the largest stadium in Europe holding up to 98,787 people and it is also a Uefa Elite Stadium which held a lot of football games during its time. But the stadium has been improved over time now having a total capacity of 115,000 spectators, enough to enjoy the match regardless of how many friends you might have. The first important game ever to be played on it was in 1982, featuring Barcelona against Standard Liege. The event took place on May 12th 1982 and it ended with the triumph of Barcelona’s team.

Templo de Debodad is one of those beautiful historical places you don’t want to miss out! It is an Egyptian temple dedicated to Amón de Debod. It is situated near one of the most beautiful parks in Madrid, standing close to the Royal Palace and The Spain’s Square. The temple was a gift from the Egyptian people regarding the role played by Spain in helping to save the temple of Abu Simbel from the waters that poured down from the lake of Nasser.

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